Improve the performance of your kitchen tap with an Eco-flow Tap Adapter

If you’re tired of cleaning up splashes around your sink and worksurface, it’s time to tap into improved performance with the Eco-flow Tap Adapter. Our simple kitchen solution works with your existing mixer tap and is easy to fit: no plumber or tools required.

Solar (White) - Spray

Save on water usage

The Eco-flow Tap Adapter regulates water flow whilst maintaining effective performance. Water is aerated to stop unwanted splashes, even in a shallow sink.

Halo (Black) - Spray

Clean every corner

With a 360° rotation, the Eco-flow Tap Adapter directs the waterflow to reach right into the corners of your sink for fast and effective cleaning.

Tucana (Black)

Two settings, all tasks

Choose between Aerated Flow and Shower Spray to suit your kitchen task. Toggle between settings instantly by simply raising or lowering the collar.


Buy an Eco-flow Tap Adaptor

Easy to fit

Easy to fit by hand, no tools (or plumber) required

Double ball joint

Double ball joint allowing you to clean all the corners of the sink

Aerated flow

Aerated flow to save water without losing performance

Shower spray

Shower spray for rinsing plates and washing vegetables

Four styles

Complement your kitchen with a choice of four stylish designs

Made in Italy

Quality Italian manufacturing