About Us

Brothers, Mark and Paul, have been working together for 33 years, and took over the running of their family business near the glorious Dorset coast when their father retired.

Living and working close to the idyllic rivers Stour and Avon, Mark and Paul have always been aware of what a precious resource water is to the natural environment. They know that we can all make a difference by using less water in our homes. The Eco-flow Tap Adapter can help every household to save water and do their bit against climate change and water poverty.

When Mark and Paul aren’t enjoying the nearby beaches and countryside with their families, they’re busy shipping the Eco-flow Tap Adapter to kitchens, utility rooms and even bathrooms across the UK, making household chores and water saving a little easier for all their customers.

As a family business, Paul and Mark care about their customers, so if you have any questions, need support with fitting, or simply fancy a chat, give them a ring on 01202 577007 between 8.30 and 5pm, weekdays, they’ll be happy to help out.

You’re in safe hands; their mum still keeps an eye on them whilst she does the books.