FAQ & Fitting Guide


Most taps have an aerator located in the spout, these are removable and generally simply unscrew. Locate and remove the aerator, then compare with the adapters supplied. Find the adapter that matches, screw into your tap by hand, then attach the Eco-flow Tap Spray. If your tap has an external thread there is no need to use an adapter, the Eco-flow Tap Spray will attach directly to your tap.

Applying a good quality PTF tape around the adaptor, over the leak will provide a suitable seal to provent any future water wastage.

The aerator system in The Eco-Flow Tap Spray reduces your water output giving a documented saving of between 11 & 18%.

The unique aerated diffuser turns your water jet into a soft flow or spray, reducing the pressure and thus avoiding splash back.

The Eco-Flow Tap Spray is easy to use, you simply pull down to create the aerated anti splash flow or push up to activate a powerful spray.

Rotating and tilting on a 360 degree swivel the adaptor will reach even the most remote areas of the kitchen sink, rinsing it clean in one easy sweep.

This product is completely safe to use and has been tested and approved by the WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) to ensure that it complies with all the requirements of the United Kingdom Water Supply (water fittings) Regulations/Scottish Water Bylaws.

The Eco-Flow Tap Spray is available in a choice of Black & Chrome or White & Chrome.

The S1 adapter is required for use on taps that do not have either a threaded removable outside end piece or an internal threaded diffuser inside the spout. The S1 simply pushes onto the end of these taps and the Eco-Flow Tap Spray screws into it.

Immerse in hot to boiling water and the adapter will become pliable enabling you to place onto your tap and when it cools will shrink around to give a snug fit.

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